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Traka’s MHE solutions are used in distribution and logistics organisations worldwide to control who can get access to, and drive, fork truck vehicles such as High Reach, Counter Balance, LLOPS and cherry pickers – infact almost any form of industrial plant vehicle. And, whilst traditionally Traka solutions have been aimed at organisations with 20+ trucks, our new Small Fleet Immobilisor system enables sites with even just a few trucks to manage, to do so cost effectively and ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Traka solutions for MHE include:-

  • controlled driver access to fork lift trucks
  • restricted user access to industrial equipment
  • managed access to and accountability for AMTs and battery charging
  • dock-door management system to prevent accidental vehicle drive-off's

Who uses Traka for MHE?

Our fork truck management system is estimated to be in use on over 8000 fork trucks in the UK alone. Traka manages fork trucks for the entire UK Tesco distribution centre network, many DHL sites, Sainsbury, Allied Bakeries, Wincanton, Bookers Cash & Carry, Jaguar Land Rover, Heinz, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Next and ND Logistics, as well as many military sites, and in Holland, the prestigious Flower Market.

Why is it needed?

Vehicles which are commonly shared between drivers, such as fork trucks and industrial plant vehicles used at quarries or on construction sites are often difficult to manage and hard to restrict in terms of access control – let alone keeping an organisation compliant with Health & Safety regulations. Add to this the ever increasing need for operatives to take more ownership; it can be vital to trace drivers responsible for damage to both vehicles and infrastructure in the quest to minimise operational costs, downtime and lost productivity.

Does this ring true for you?

'Historically the key for our vehicles, once signed out on a paper based log system at the start of a day either get left in a vehicle or passed from driver to driver - worse still all our vehicles are keyed alike – so we have little control over who drives each vehicle or knowledge about who has caused damage' Padraic Smith

With Traka installed this could never happen - on one site alone, with a large fleet of fork trucks, damage bills reaching over £80,000 a year were cut to less than 25% almost immediately. Drivers take more care when they know they can be identified - resulting in less damage to the trucks, the building infrastructure and the stock itself!

Best suited for your site...

There are four different variants of key management for fork truck and industrial plant vehicles - we will help you determine which is best suited for your site - it depends mainly upon the way in which you implement your procedures.

How does it work?

The heart of the system uses a Traka iFob as an electronic key - it simply replaces the conventional key or PIN access pad. The iFob is issued to a driver and he or she can use this to start either a specific truck or a predefined range of trucks by inserting it into a receptor socket fitted to the truck dashboard. Along side the receptor socket is an 'acceptance button' which must be used to register that the driver has completed and approved all the pre-operational safety checks before the truck can be used. This level of control is only possible because of the special Traka Immobilisor fitted under the truck dashboard - it determines if the iFob, and hence driver, is authorised to access and use the vehicle - it records exactly when the user started and finished on the truck. All of this information is retained inside the iFob and is written back to the database when the iFob is returned at the end of shift to the Traka key cabinet. Every user/vehicle transaction is maintained indefinitely in the database and can be checked easily using the Traka reporting facility.

Controlling access...

As iFobs determine who can drive each truck - it is therefore necessary to control who can gain access to them. This is achieved by using a Traka key management cabinet to house the iFobs. Access to the cabinet can be by PIN, proximity token, company ID magnetic card or biometrics (fingerprint) reader. The cabinet ensures that only valid users can gain access to iFobs - and a full user profile for each individual can be maintained to help establish management control. Things such as a valid license expiry date for each type of vehicle that user is permitted to drive - their shift times, so iFobs can only be taken with in allotted time-frames - overdue warning alerts, so if an iFob is not returned, an alert SMS text or email message can automatically be sent to his/her line manager or supervisor.

Advanced controls...

Traka software offers a number of advanced features for MHE users which take a typical solution far beyond just access control. Features such as...

  • Collision detection above a pre-determined G-Force threshold
  • Recording that pre-operational safety checks have been completed
  • Logging reported vehicle faults
  • Automatic notification to the service engineer of any faults
  • Automatic lockout of defective or faulty vehicles
  • Automatic notification of keys not returned at end of shift
  • Automatic driver lock-out when their vehicle license has expired

And finally ... dock-door management.

Traka has collaborated with Easilift Loading Systems to develop a new unique and pioneering dock-door management system to help stop accidents and injuries occurring at the loading bay caused by premature vehicle drive-aways. Watch the animation video in the panel opposite or download the PDF more information.

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